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Computer Forensics

U.S. Data Forensics leads the way in our specialty field of fraud detection and expert witness testimony. Our highly skilled examiners conducted investigations from the criminal, civil, and administrative fields from local, national, and international levels.

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At USDF, our examiners will assist you through legal disputes that require access to electronically stored information. They will help you preserve your information and prevent tampering, while providing reportable data in a format that you can understand.

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Data Recovery

USDF has the tools and expertise to retrieve what you need. Whether you are an client who needs to retrieve old memories from your phone, a business whose trying to retrieve corrupted data, or a law firm that needs their clients data retrieved, we can help you!

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Any organization is susceptible to cybercrimes or other security breaches perpetrated through the use of computers. U.S. Data Forensics, provides a complete range of computer forensic services from data acquisition and evidence storage to investigations and expert analysis.

Our computer forensic expertise coupled with many years of staff experience in Criminal, Civil, and Corporate investigations put us in a unique position to extract relevant digital data suitable for use as evidence in civil, criminal or administrative resolutions.

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Herndon, VA 20170

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Securing electronic evidence is central to an ever-increasing criminal, civil or administrative investigations. U.S. Data Forensics, LLC, is in a unique position to help our clients computer forensic and digital evidence needs. By combining our technical and  investigative expertise, we can quickly acquire, preserve, analyze, extract, and uncover digital data stored on computer systems that can make or break a case. Our Computer Forensic services primarily consist of two phases:

What is the USDF difference?

Our examiners have over 75 years of Forensic experience in criminal, civil litigation, and administrative cases, and use state of the art hardware and software to ensure complete, accurate, and efficient resolution of every case.


Of small companies go out of business within 6-months of a cyber attack


The average number of days it takes to detect a malicious or criminal attack

$6 trillion

Estimated cost of cyber crimes to businesses by 2021


Identified root causes of an attack was a malicious insider
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