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U.S. Data Forensic, LLC, is in a unique position to help clients address issues requiring advanced and specialized investigative or technical expertise.

Start of Engagement

We generally start our services with one or more of the following phases:

  • Hold in-depth discussions with our client contacts to focus on the issue and its implications​

  • Provide expert consulting advice to best handle our clients' needs

  • Develop a plan outlining the proposed course of action

  • Conduct background interviews with relevant personnel to obtain pertinent details

  • If necessary, preview the data of suspect computer systems utilizing the latest technologies and tools, ensuring that the evidentiary integrity of the data is preserved

  • Capture an exact image of the suspect storage device(s) for later in-depth forensic analysis

  • Produce reports as necessary to identify the actions taken and show compliance with acceptable computer forensic practices and technologies

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Computer & Digital Forensic Examinations:

Our state-of-the-art computer laboratory allows us to use advanced forensic tools and technologies to quickly locate meaningful findings and provide needed results. Our general forensic examination process is below.

Other Services:
  • Conduct interviews by experienced professionals

  • Assist in preparing depositions

  • Pursue appropriate leads

  • Develop meaningful evidence

  • Assist in developing a winning litigation strategy

  • Provide expert witness testimony

Our proven examination experience makes all the difference between the simple technical processing of data and our ability to provide meaningful results. Our timely findings can be used to quickly decide on the appropriate course of action, whether it is an administrative resolution or litigation to the full extent of the law.


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