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At U.S. Data Forensics, our forensics investigators and computer software developers have decades of field experience, so we can bring you those critical pieces of information you need for your case, when you need it! If you need an analysis done in a hurry or have preliminary questions to narrow your scope on a suspect’s digital media, we are the best choice to meet your needs.

First, provide us information about yourself and the piece of media you need analyzed. We will then contact you with any additional questions, and start your case when we receive the device or image. Finally, we send you a flat fee forensic report as well as the hold your image for 12 months in an evidence locker for safekeeping or should you need additional work; it’s that simple!


  • All included in our flat fee reports!​​

    • Consolidated Contact List

    • Device Information

    • My Artifacts Report​

      • Internal shared artifacts by media

      • Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Calendars

      • Emails

      • Recent, Deleted, and Hidden Files

      • Pictures, Videos

      • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

      • Internet Browsing History

      • Databases

      • Timelines

      • And more!*

    • USB Devices and Other External Media

    • 10 Search Terms

    • PLUS A one hour review of your report with one of our forensic experts!

  • ​Storage of findings for one year!

Note: Charges do NOT include shipping or courier charges (Calculate FedEx Rates Online Here)

* - click here to see full list of file types supported (updated often)

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